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Flocking Dynamics for Coupled Systems Involving Symmetric and Asymmetric Interactions

Maoli Chen, Yicheng Liu*, and Xiao Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 12, pp.3869-3879, 2021

Abstract : "We investigate the time-asymptotic flocking of a second-order coupling system with symmetric and asymmetric interactions. Based on a Lyapunov functional and differential inequalities, sufficient conditions related to the initial configurations are established to admit a flock. Under the standard conditions, an analytical expression is proposed to quantitatively analyze an upper bound of this flock diameter and the exponential decay of the relative velocity of any two agents in the system is characterized. In addition, when the coupling between subgroups disappears, we construct a sharp condition to ensure the emergence of flocking. We report that, the inter-group coupling mode considered in this work is positive for the coordination of the coupled system. "

Keyword : Coupling system, interaction coupling, time-asymptotic flocking

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