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Feedback Control Based on a Sequential Observer-predictor for Systems with Unknown Actuator Delay

David Fernando Novella-Rodríguez*, Juan Carlos Tudon-Martínez, Rocio Jasmin Vazquez-Guerra, and Juan Francisco Márquez-Rubio
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 9, pp.2779-2791, 2022

Abstract : The present work is devoted to the stabilization of linear systems with input delay, where the delay value can be arbitrarily long with respect to the system response. The time-delay is considered unknown or incorrectly modeled. A sequential observer with variable time-delays is designed in order to predict the system states before the delay occurs. The delays in the sequential observer-predictor are updated by means of a delay estimation in order to obtain an accurate state prediction. The stability of the closed-loop system and the convergence of the observers are analyzed by considering the separation principle. Numerical simulations are performed to evaluate the proposed sequential observer-controller under different scenarios.

Keyword : Delay estimation, observer, predictor, time-delay.

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