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Voltage Prediction in Transient Connection for Power Battery Modules: Experimental Results

You Xu, Qiang Wu, Limin Yu, and Jiehao Li*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 9, pp.2902-2914, 2022

Abstract : This paper mainly focuses on the safe maintenance of power systems and the use of secondary batteries for electric vehicles from the experimental scenarios. In engineering, the power battery module of series connection or parallel connection is conducive to the fast combination and unloading of high-voltage energy systems in the electric vehicles. However, the parallel connection is affected by inconsistency and generally uses the powerful resistance to solve the current shock. In this paper, an improved RC network lithium-iron-phosphate battery model based on parallel hysteretic voltage is proposed to achieve a safe parallel sequence and solve the high current impact in this process. Furthermore, the voltage oscillation standard deviations at different voltage levels and voltage differences are carried out, which obtains the hysteretic curve map of oscillating voltage distribution. At last, the voltage oscillation model is established by discussing the oscillating parallel characteristics, and the control strategy of the pre-charging circuit can be applied to the voltage optimization. Comparative experimental results using 32650 lithium-ion phosphate battery can effectively achieve satisfactory predicting performance with a reasonable voltage range.

Keyword : Electric vehicle, experimental results, power battery, voltage characteristics.

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