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Perpendicular Parking Path Generation and Optimal Path Tracking Algorithm for Auto-parking of Trailers

Heeseok Shin, Myeong-Jun Kim, Sunwoo Baek, Carl D. Crane, and Jungha Kim*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 9, pp.3006-3018, 2022

Abstract : Driving a trailer is not difficult when driving forward; however, it is challenging when driving in reverse because the trailer turns opposite to the steering direction of the vehicle and the parking characteristics vary depending on the trailer length. The shorter the trailer is, the higher is the steering response sensitivity; this results in reverse parking complexities. Therefore, this paper proposes an improved method to reverse-drive a trailer into a parking space autonomously. Specifically, an optimal steering angle is obtained for auto-parking trailers of all sizes. The trailer is autonomously parked using a simple pure pursuit tracking algorithm without establishing an infrastructure. Therefore, the proposed method enables the trailer to detect the parking location and auto-park without any input from the driver.

Keyword : Auto parking system, autonomous vehicle, path planning, path tracking, trailer auto-parking, trailer control.

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